Dippy & Friends


ROARR! is run by a 4th generation family of eccentric English palaeontologists, the Weston-Smythes. The current owner is the great-great grandson of a Victorian explorer who claimed to have discovered a hidden valley, where dinosaurs still exist.

Dippy & friends were invented by the Weston-Symthe family to reassure any nervous guests that dinosaurs are fun, curious, adventurous and gentle creatures, and over the generations have gone from a family tradition story to a fully formed character!

Our young dinosaurs are here to have fun and play using Dippy’s curiosity, Terry’s love of flying, Paris’ quest for knowledge, and Raz’s desire to show off their rapping and dancing skills. You can catch Dippy and his friends in their BRAND NEW theatre show! For more details check out our Attractions page.

Dippy & Friends


Dippy is the main man and leader of our gang being the friendly face ready to welcome everyone to ROARR!. Dippy is optimistic and curious and likes to go on adventures. Dippy always means well and his curiosity often leads the gang into problems. He often uses the wrong words to describe things and rushes into anything that could be an exciting adventure.

Dippy Likes: Everyone! Adventures and singing the wrong words to songs.

Dippy doesn’t like: There isn’t anything that can’t be made into a fun adventure.

Favourite colours: Purple and Yellow.

Dippy & Friends


All Terry cares about is flying and he’ll let nothing stand in his way, he is reckless and likes speed and taking risks! Terry is generous with his time to his friends especially if he is centre of attention and likes to be the hero in every adventure. Terry is very competitive and loves flying with loud Rock music on.

Terry likes: Flying, flying and flying.

Terry doesn’t like: Not flying, being quiet and losing at any game.

Favourite colours: Blue and blue and blue – it’s the colour of the sky!

Dippy & Friends
Dippy & Friends


Paris is a classic bookworm, never happier than when she has found a lovely bit of grass to sit and read. Like all Parasaurs she is always happy to help out, and loves nothing more than finding the answer to a difficult question. A gentle and quieter member of the gang who enjoys nature and caring for animals.

Paris likes: Reading, animals, nature and problem solving.

Paris doesn’t like: Being rushed or Rock music.

Favourite colours: Orange and pink.


Raz is never without their headphones and constantly nodding along to the beat, they were born to entertain and always smiling, Raz will always take the opportunity to dance and sometimes talks in rhythm and rhyme. Raz is loyal to their friends and unlike other Raptors is laid back and straight to the point.

Raz likes: Dancing, music and entertaining.

Raz doesn’t like: Bullies, being told what to do and when their headphones run out of battery.

Favourite colours: Red and green.

Dippy & Friends

Discover the Adventure

Make no bones about it, at ROARR! you’re in for a mammoth adventure. Whether you’re swinging on the high ropes, unearthing treasures in the dino dig, assailing the assault course, escaping mind-boggling mazes, or soaking up the fun in the splash zone, it’s an out-of-this-world adventure for intrepid explorers, dino-hunters, and adventure-seekers of all sizes.